Crying (of laughter) over Spilt Milk

Monday was Steven’s 25th birthday.
If you’ve ever met us, you know that I like to (over) celebrate just about any life event while Steven rather “fly below the radar” during special events. So- this year, I found a gift that satisfied both of us! I give you- The “Happy Whatever” box by Spilt Milk.
Spilt Milk was founded by a lovely couple from Oakland, CA who wanted to put the fun back in gift giving so they curated humorous gift boxes that can be delivered right to the recipients door.
“We love the thought of being able to brighten someones day. Spreading laughter is the business we want to be in.” -Michelle & Eric
The box I chose was the perfect mix of sarcasm and humor for someone who couldn’t care less about celebrating his special day. It came with: a “Fuck” graphic print from Footnotes Studios, Spiced Pear Marshmallows from Wondermade, a “I’m not anti-social, i’m just not social.” notebook, a “Sick of this Shit” pin from Word for Word Factory, a Sea Urchin Air Plant Jellyfish from AirFriend, 2 assorted lollipops from Lollyphile, a Party Blower, an Official Spilt Milk sticker and a Official Spilt Milk greeting card.



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