Eye love VII Code

In January, I turned 26. Upon entering what is officially considered my “late twenties,” I only had one real concern and that was preserving my youthful skin. One of my problem areas has always been the skin around my (rather large) eyes. Constantly examining the area in my 5x magnification mirror, I decided it was time to invest in products that would not only help the area now but preserve it. This is when I tried VIIcode 02M Oxygen Eye Masks for the first time. My favorite part about these jelly under eye patches is that they work best if left on the skin for a full 8 hours. So, while I was fast asleep, the patches were working on nourishing and rejuvenating my skin. They basically erased any sign of darkness under my eyes and almost instantly made my face look brighter. My puffiness had lessened and my skin felt incredibly smooth and soft- they were perfect for a “quick” fix overnight. I was also very impressed that they stayed in place throughout the night and didn’t irritate me at all.

I have used them before events, after long trips/work hours and in my spare time over the weekend. Unlike other under eye products, the gel formula on the masks keeps them in place as you can almost feel your skin absorbing the grapeseed oil, seaweed and white tea. I never knew the benefit of these ingredients until I read up on them and I was very impressed! Grapeseed is known for being very rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids which have been proven to help with wrinkles. Seaweed helps skin cells fight against radicals produced by radiation and chemical exposure, exposure to sun and food metabolic activates. And lastly, white tea keeps the skin hydrated with longer retention of moisture in the skin

 Any product that yields a noticeable result after only a few uses, has my vote. I am feeling much more comfortable leaving the house without under eye concealer and I owe this to 02M Oxygen Eye Masks.

One box comes with 6 treatments and VII code also offers free standard shipping- always a win! VII code also has an array of other incredible skin products which you can check out here.



DNA Testing- Not What You Think

We have all heard of DNA testing to determine family heritage but it was news to me that a simple cheek swap could actually test your DNA for your skins genetic potential. The kit tests 7 key areas of your skin including: collagen quality, skin elasticity, fine lines & wrinkles, sun protection, pigmentation, skin antioxidants and skin sensitivity. Upon receiving my results after a few short weeks, I was able to narrow down my skin routine to only use products that my skin requires to be as healthy as possible. The personal analysis was easy to read and offered tailored suggestions for my individual needs. Needs that I never would have known about! The suggestions range from topical ingredients to supplements and even professional treatments.

The first thing I did after reviewing my results was log into Amazon and scoop up all my recommended products. I had always listened to friends recommendations for skin care but the truth is that no one’s skin is alike and the only way to uncover your potential is by breaking down your own DNA.

My results were easy to read and were shown on a bar that ranged from non-ideal to optimal. Luckily, I was only lacking in one area. Although hard for me to admit, my skins elasticity could be better. Who knew? I fall within the “global average” in the sun protection category. I blame this completely on my college tanning bed days.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.46.11 PM

While I felt a little overwhelmed when I first began to read my results, it hit me that knowledge is power and if I wasn’t aware of my skin’s genetic makeup, I would not be able to slow or prevent the process. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is spends hundreds of dollars of skin care because I bet 85% of what you use isn’t as helpful as you believe it is. The best part was that the topical treatments and supplements cost less than half of the skin care products I was using and will have a much more impactful effect.

The information is always accessible on your dashboard on the site so you don’t have to worry about losing it. Home DNA really make the whole process as easy as possible from beginning to end in 5 quick steps:

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.54.34 PM.png

Purchase your kit here and unlock your skins potential! I also might add this is a killer gift for just about anyone in your life. They also offer the same service for personal weight management!

*This kit was gifted to me and all opinions are 100% my own.