Polaroid Eyewear

It’s actually much more difficult than you’d think to find sunglasses that suit these giant eyes but after a long search a little help from my friends at Octoly, I have found them. Shop Polaroid Sunglasses here. Advertisements

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Eye love VII Code

In January, I turned 26. Upon entering what is officially considered my “late twenties,” I only had one real concern and that was preserving my youthful skin. One of my problem areas has always been the skin around my (rather large) eyes. Constantly examining the area in my 5x magnification mirror, I decided it was […]

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DNA Testing- Not What You Think

We have all heard of DNA testing to determine family heritage but it was news to me that a simple cheek swap could actually test your DNA for your skins genetic potential. The kit tests 7 key areas of your skin including: collagen quality, skin elasticity, fine lines & wrinkles, sun protection, pigmentation, skin antioxidants […]

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